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What you need to know about self build campervan insurance

Those who work on campervan restoration projects of their own should be made aware that there is a specific type of protective policy available to them: self build campervan insurance. There’s nothing more rewarding than converting an old wreck of a camper into a fully-fledged, refreshed replica of the original, and self build insurance ensures that your hard work and commitment pays off – without being threatened in the event of an accident. Here, we look in greater depth at self build campervan insurance, what it entails and how it could benefit you and your much-loved campervan in the long run.

Campervan enthusiasts will know from their own experiences that buying fully-converted campers is an expensive business – so much so that many fanatics are forced to carry out their own restoration projects from their home-based workshops. This is a very rewarding process that can prove both challenging and satisfying, which is why such vehicles need to be insured on separate policies from pre-converted campers in order to be fully covered in the event of any damages, losses, thefts and an awful lot else besides.

It’s fair to say that self builds are becoming increasingly popular in the current financial climate, as many people are seeking out cheap holiday solutions that will be rewarding on a number of levels but still won’t break the bank and cause long-term financial woes. Buying derelict vans at bargain basement prices, refurbishing them with furnishings to your own personal taste and then using them as motorhomes is incredibly enjoyable and can provide a practical and fun holidaying experience for the whole family if done properly. Admittedly, it involves a great deal of effort and hard work, but for avid campervan fanatics, this is the fun part of the whole process!

Securing an insurance deal for a campervan you’ve converted yourself isn’t as straightforward a process as what you can expect to go through when insuring a pre-converted van, it should be noted. In order to be considered by most self build campervan insurance providers, you’ll need to address a few points. Eligible vehicles are typically required to have running water and fully-functioning gas appliances with their respective safety certificates as proof that all restoration work has been finished to the highest of specifications and standards. Still, as long as you meet these criteria, you can get your campervan insured and hit the road safely and securely in no time at all.

By clicking ‘Get a Quote’ now and quickly entering your details into our straightforward online application form, you could protect the campervan you’ve worked so hard to convert against all sorts of unpreventable damages – including things such as fire, water and contents damage. Insuring your van should be seen as an investment and not another pointless expense for you to contend with – after all, it’s your own blood, sweat and tears that’s gone into making your camper the treasured motorhome that it is.


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