Classic Campervan Insurance

We know how much you love and value your classic campervan. Let us help you to protect and potentially reduce the cost of your annual classic campervan insurance by comparing quotes from our panel of specialist campervan insurers.

Our goal is to help you save time and money, by simply filling out our quote formThen you will receive quotes from multiple camper van insurers which you can compare.

Just like modern vehicles, classic campervans need protecting against all kinds of threats, such as a bump in a car park, a collision with another vehicle, theft or a fire. Hopefully, none of these ever happen to your wonderful classic campervan, but just in case they do, it's important that you have the right cover in place to help you get the matter sorted. 

In fact, many of the more historical campers out there are highly sought-after as pieces of British and international history. This means it’s considered of even greater importance for you to take out a reliable insurance policy to protect your classic campervan and all of its valuable contents against various forms of damage, theft, loss, breakdowns and a great deal more.

Green classic campervan in woods with snow

What’s included in classic campervan insurance?

There’s no straight answer on what you’ll be covered for with your classic campervan insurance because there are various policies to choose from.

It’s up to you to compare the different classic campervan insurance policies available to you, and find the one that best matches the cover you’re looking for. Start off by filling out our quick and easy quote form.

Just as with any car insurance, you can choose to keep things cheaper with only third party, fire and theft cover, or you can opt for full cover.

You might prefer to only be covered for travel in the United Kingdom, or something that allows you to take your classic campervan on trips into Europe.

And you might want to pay more for a policy that doesn’t just protect your vehicle as a base model, but also any modifications you’ve made to improve the camping and caravanning experience.

It’s also worth looking at the extras available too, such as:

  • Contents cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Spare parts cover

And more.

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How much does classic campervan insurance cost?

Before applying for classic campervan insurance, it’s worth remembering that the cost of your premium will vary greatly depending on several factors, including for example:

  • The precise model.
  • The year of manufacture.
  • The condition of your campervan.
  • The value of your vehicle.
  • If you have had previous claims.
  • If you have any points on your license.

Whether you own a retro Volkswagen, traditional Bedford camper or original Austin motorhome, you will most likely discover that your quote is subject to a great degree of change based on a wide variety of factors.

It’s not just about the total cost though, but also how you’re asked to pay. Often you can bring down the price by paying in a lump sum upfront, but that might not be affordable. So instead, consider a monthly option where you’ll split the cost into instalments.

Remember that classic campervan insurance is going to cost more than regular campervan insurance in most cases. That’s because you’re paying to protect a vehicle that’s more likely to encounter problems, but also because of its classic status is more likely to be valuable. A classic campervan is a great investment but it needs to be protected as such.

Three classic blue VW campervans in front of a lake

What information will influence the premium?

There’s a lot of different elements in play when insurance companies work out how much your premium is going to be. They always start with the vehicle itself. For classic campervans, this will take into account the age of the campervan, how reliable they are and also how likely it is to stand up to your lifestyle.

If you’re planning on occasional trips within the United Kingdom, the premium will be lower because you’ll be driving it lower distances. However, look for EU cover for longer caravanning getaways and the premium will increase, both because of the increased wear and tear of driving so far and the potential costs in repairing or recovering the vehicle abroad.

It’s not just the state of your campervan which will shape the cost of your premium. As the owner and driver of the campervan, you’ll also be asked to enter some of your own details before a premium is calculated using a combination of the two sets of data.

Age, no-claims history and driving history all impact upon the quote you are given, so be sure to fill in all of these respective fields as accurately as possible for a complete and fool-proof form of campervan coverage that will serve you well into the future. You’ll also need to give your address, as local crime rates will be factored into the costs.

Furthermore, as a classic campervan owner, there’s every possibility that you may belong to a enthusiasts’ club or another type of fan forum. If this is the case, you could be entitled to further discounts from your premium upon enquiry.

And then, there’s the type of cover you want and all the extras – the more you choose, the higher a cost you’ll need to pay. It can be worthwhile adding some optional features though – choose contents cover if you’re planning on travelling and want everything inside your campervan covered, or breakdown cover if you don’t have it elsewhere and want to make sure you’re never stranded.

That’s where our quote comparison engine can help. Enter all your details, including your driving history, your classic campervan information and select the type of cover you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the best deal that gives you all the coverage you need, without overpaying.

What’s next?

Click the ‘Get a Quote’ button now to find out more about the types of classic campervan insurance that are on offer to you. All you need to do is enter your details and we’ll show you the range of insurance premiums you could choose from for your classic campervan. With a bit of luck, you could be on the road aboard your fully-protected camper in a matter of days – or just making sure that your prized possession is safe even if you’re keeping it at home.