Campervan insurance FAQ

Below are some common questions relating to camper van insurance, which may help you to find the right insurance cover at the right price.

What will camper van insurance cover?

This depends on the level of camper van insurance you decide to take out. If you have a fairly new, high value camper van then it is best to opt for a more comprehensive camper van insurance plan, which offers a great level of protection and peace of mind for camper van owners. This includes at-fault damage, damage that was someone else’s fault, theft and fire damage. With the more basic third party, fire and theft camper van insurance cover you will not be covered if you were at fault. However, those who have older camper vans or who are on a budget may want to consider more basic camper van insurance.

Will my possessions in the camper van be covered?

Again, this will be dependent on the policy and level of camper van insurance you opt for. One of the added bonuses of taking more comprehensive camper van insurance cover is that you can benefit from increased protection such as having your belongings inside your camper van covered against things like damage or theft. You should check whether the camper van insurance policy provides financial protection for your belongings when comparing policies for camper van insurance.

What if my campervan breaks down?

It is always a good idea to take out camper van insurance that includes breakdown cover or onto which you can bolt on breakdown cover, as otherwise you could find yourself facing a bleak holiday if your camper van breaks down whilst you are on the road. Some camper van insurance policies will provide you with alternative accommodation whilst your camper van is being sorted out, so make sure you choose your camper van insurance carefully to fit in with your needs.

Why compare campervan insurance?

The main reason you need to compare camper van insurance is because you will find a wide range of plans, providers and prices available, which means that you need to do a little research in order to find camper van insurance that offers value for money. By taking the time to compare camper van insurance you will be able to find cover that is competitively priced whilst also providing you with the level of cover and protection that you need.

How do I compare camper van insurance?

The easiest way to compare camper van insurance is to use the internet, as you will find a wide range of plans and providers along with some internet only exclusive deals that can save you money on your camper van insurance. You can browse and compare camper van insurance with ease and speed online, which means you can save time as well as money.

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