VW T5 Campervan Insurance

One of the most popular, versatile and recognisable campervans, the VW Transporter 5 is a classic.

VW T5 campervan insurance protects your treasured possession, so you can enjoy many years on the road with your accommodation-on-wheels.

Specialist insurance for your VW T5 campervan is designed to meet your needs. However you choose to use your VW camper, you should be able to find insurance that covers all your needs through our the insurers we you get access to through this website.



Using Your VW T5 Campervan

Some people use their VW campers for long-distance travel and holidays. Others use theirs for days on the beach, with surfing equipment stored on board. Your VW T5 campervan insurance should take into account how you use your campervan, with quotes that are tailored to your requirements and your lifestyle.

Dedicated VW T5 Campervan Insurance Cover

If you own and use a VW T5, you need to make sure that your chosen insurance meets your needs. A basic insurance policy may be the cheapest option, but consider what extras you might want.

Before you choose your T5 insurance, check for additional features. Popular additions to insurance policies for VW campers include:

Breakdown cover
Keep your VW T5 on the road. If your campervan breaks down, you can make sure that you’ll get help at no extra cost.

European cover
Are you planning to go surfing in Spain or exploring the vineyards of France? You might want European cover included in your policy if you frequently travel beyond the borders of the UK.

Windscreen cover
Something as small as a chip on your windscreen can put a stop to your travel plans. Windscreen cover helps with repairs or replacements, covered by your VW T5 campervan insurance policy.

Legal cover
If you’re in an accident and not to blame, get legal cover for out-of-pocket expenses and telling your side of the story.

Misfuelling cover
A moment of distraction can lead to your VW being filled with the wrong type of fuel. Misfuelling cover can pay for the fuel tank to be drained and repaired.

Key cover
Just in case the kids bury your keys in the sand on your favourite beach, or they fall from your bag when you’re hiking on a muddy trail, this extra feature of some insurance policies will pay for your replacements to be made.

Contents cover
Whatever you keep in your VW camper, whether it’s storing your favourite surfboard or a TV and games console, your contents cover will protect you from the cost of theft or accidental damage.

Getting Insurance For Your VW T5 Campervan

Instead of filling in dozens of forms to find the right insurance for your VW T5 campervan, you can send the details to us. Fill in just one form, instead of many, and we’ll send your details to relevant insurers for quotes.

Your quotes will be influenced by a variety of factors including your age, driving experience and any previous convictions. Insurers will also consider how you use your VW T5 camper, and where you store it when it’s not in use.

Review your VW T5 campervan insurance quotes in your own time. Read the terms and conditions, choose important features and find the most suitable policy. When you’ve made your decision, you can continue to set up your new insurance policy.

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