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If you’ve had a campervan for a long time, you’ll know just how precious they are. A campervan represents freedom. Yours is no doubt filled with wonderful memories, all of which you’ll want to preserve and protect with the right campervan insurance policy.

Maybe you’re new to campervan ownership? In that case, your adventure’s just beginning. Start as you mean to go on, by choosing the right campervan insurance and making sure that your investment’s protected. Right now it’s just a vehicle, but your van will soon become a focal point of family life.

Whether you plan to use your campervan every weekend, or just bring it out for occasional trips with the grandkids, making sure that you’ve got the right insurance for your campervan saves you from headaches later on.

Get Cheaper Campervan Insurance the Easy Way

We make it easy to find and purchase the campervan insurance you need. Follow these three simple steps:

·         Complete the Form

Instead of sending details to several insurers, let us do the leg work for you. Complete our form and we’ll send your details to relevant UK insurers. Time is precious, so why spend yours filling out the same forms lots of times?

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With our partner, QuoteSearcher, we’ll find insurance quotes from several different UK insurers. We’re sure to find a competitive deal, but you’ll have the chance to look through all the quotes and decide which you’re happiest with. Some people choose the cheapest, but don’t be afraid to spend a little more if the terms or features of a more expensive quote suit you better.

·         Choose a Quote

You’ve saved time elsewhere, so you’ve got time to spare at this point. Take as long as you need to choose your favourite insurer. With a range of quotes, you don’t need to settle for the first offer you receive. Sit down with your quotes, pick your favourites and read through the terms in more detail. When you’re ready, complete the application process.


What Makes Good Campervan Insurance?

You’ll know that, like a car, your campervan will need to be insured. But, your campervan isn’t just a car. Your campervan is your home on wheels, whether you drive it every day or use it just a few times a year. It’s more than just a vehicle to take you from A to B.

With your campervan, you can travel the length and breadth of the UK. You can also go further, taking your van around the world. Everything you need is in your campervan already, so you’ve got your home comforts on the road. Your accommodation is always with you, so you’re free to explore the way you want.

Campervans require specialist insurance, because they’re very special vehicles. You need protection for the vehicle itself and for everything you keep inside it. That’s especially true if you’ve invested in a luxury campervan with all the latest gadgets and modern appliances.

We can find campervan insurance for all types of campervans, including:

  • Fixed roof campervans
  • Raised roof campervans
  • VW campers
  • Classic campervans
  • High top campervans
  • Campervan conversions
  • Imported campervans

How Much to Pay for UK Campervan Insurance

It’s impossible to say, until you get your quotes, how much your campervan insurance will cost. Quotes for cheaper campervan insurance in the UK typically started at around £200. If you have a luxury campervan, you’re likely to pay a bit more.

In very rare cases, the quotes received will reach or exceed £1,000.

Your insurance quotes may be affected by:

  • Your age
  • Your driving experience
  • Any previous driving convictions

You can choose the cheapest campervan insurance quote you receive, but take time to look at the higher quotes before you make your final decision. It may be that a more expensive option offers more detailed coverage, with more protection against the theft of contents or with extra protection for pets. To discover how to compare campervan insurance like a Pro, read our guide to get our top money saving tips.

By sending your details to several insurers, we make sure that you’ll get multiple quotes and have a chance to look at every option.

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Which Campervan Insurance Quote to Choose?

As well as price, take time to consider everything that’s covered by a policy. Some policies include extra cover and features that will probably make your life easier.

Some features are ‘nice to have’, but not absolutely essential. These optional features might be things you need, so always check the higher quotes to see if there’s anything you’d miss if you chose a cheaper campervan insurance option. Other features should come as standard, so check what’s covered and make sure you’re happy before you make your final decision.

Look out for the following features:

Breakdown Cover
Nothing is worse than breaking down on the way to your next destination. Look for policies with breakdown cover, for extra peace of mind on the road.

European Cover
If you plan to expand your horizons, look for insurance that works outside the UK. You don’t want to tour the vineyards of France without the right insurance to protect you. Some insurance policies don’t come with this as standard, but European cover can sometimes be added as a short-term optional extra.

Gas Bottle and Awning Cover
Some items, like gas bottles and awnings, aren’t locked away safely in your campervan. With these outside, where they’re more likely to be stolen, do you want to make sure that they’re covered?

Windscreen Cover
A crack in the windscreen can put a stop to your travel plans. Look for windscreen cover in your campervan insurance, so you don’t need to pay for repairs.

Legal Cover
If you're in an accident that isn’t your fault, will your insurer cover your legal costs? You may need to defend yourself and show that you’re not to blame. Legal cover can provide for those out-of-pocket expenses.

Misfuelling Cover
We've all been there. The kids have asked ‘Are we there yet?’ one too many times, and when you stop for fuel you’re a little distracted and reach for the wrong pump. Some policies will cover you if you’ve put the wrong type of fuel in your campervan.

Key Cover
You’ve been hiking all afternoon, then get back to your van and discover that the keys have gone missing. If your keys are up at the top of a mountain and you’re with your van at the bottom, it helps to know that you’ve got key cover as part of your insurance.

Contents Cover
If someone steals your car, you might be covered for contents like the handbag in the glovebox or the SatNav you safely tucked away. Campervan insurance must cover a lot more, since you’re probably travelling with home comforts like your TV, appliances and gadgets. See how your personal effects will be covered by your chosen insurer.

Agreed Value
If the worst ever happens, and your campervan is involved in an accident that means it’s written off, you’ll need to know that your insurer will pay to cover the financial loss. Make sure that the agreed value of your van is enough to replace what you’ve lost. This can be tricky to get exactly right with classic or modified vehicles, so it’s very important to agree with the insurer about how much your vehicle is worth.

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