Classic Campervan Insurance

Insurance Deals for Classic Campervans: All You Need to Know.


Just like modern motorhomes, classic campervans need protecting against all kinds of threats. In fact, considering many of the more old-fashioned campers out there are highly sought-after as pieces of British and international history, it’s often considered of even greater importance for you to take out a reliable insurance policy to protect your classic campervan and all of its valuable contents against various forms of damage, theft, loss, breakdowns and a great deal more. Here, we closely examine the relevance of classic campervan insurance to you as a motorhome owner, as well as looking at what it typically covers you against and how best to find a quote that suits you and your specific individual needs.

Before applying for classic campervan insurance, it’s worth remembering that the cost of your premium will vary greatly depending on the precise model, year and condition of the van you’re planning to insure. Whether you own a retro Volkswagen, traditional Bedford camper or original Austin motorhome, you will most likely discover that your quote is subject to a great degree of change based on a wide variety of factors.

It’s not just the state of your campervan which will shape the cost of your premium, either. As the owner and driver of the campervan, you’ll also be asked to enter some of your own details before a premium is calculated using a combination of the two sets of data. Age, gender (until new rulings come in during 2012), no-claims history and driving history all impact upon the quote you are issued with, so be sure to fill in all of these respective fields as accurately as possible for a complete and fool-proof form of campervan coverage that will serve you well into the future.

In addition to this, you’ll need to compare any insurance quotes you receive against one another to track down the policy that is best suited to your needs as a motorhome owner. Fortunately, we offer a quote comparison engine that enables you to look at numerous quotes together to settle on the one which represents the greatest possible value for money given your personal driving history and the condition of the vehicle you wish to insure.

It’s worth noting at this point in time that there’s more to insuring a classic campervan than looking at the premium alone. You’ll also need to look at how payments are organised, as otherwise, you may struggle to make ends meet when you have to fulfil monthly instalments to pay for your insurance cover.

Furthermore, as a classic campervan owner, there’s every possibility that you may belong to a enthusiasts’ club or another type of fan forum. If this is the case, you could be entitled to further discounts from your premium upon enquiry. Click the ‘Get a Quote’ button now to find out more about the types of classic campervan insurance that are on offer to you. With a bit of luck, you could be on the road aboard your fully-protected camper in a matter of days.

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