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A look at how your campervan insurance maybe calculated

When it comes to taking out campervan insurance, there are a wide range of factors which have a bearing on the value of your premium. Some of them are subject to change (such as annual mileage and vehicle value) whilst others are fixed and, as a result, can’t be influenced by you (such as gender of driver). Combined, these factors are used to help calculate your insurance premium, which is normally paid on a one-off basis or in monthly/bi-monthly instalments. Here, we take a look at some of the other factors which are considered by insurers before your premium is calculated, as well as reviewing how you can keep your quote down to a reasonable minimum.

As soon as you click the ‘Get A Quote’ button, you’re immediately re-directed to an interactive online application form which you are required to complete fully in order to access an insurance quote for your campervan. The details you are required to submit into this straightforward interactive form typically fall under one of two categories: personal data and campervan data.

Personal data includes your contact details – such as name, home address, telephone number and email address – as well as other information including your driving history and date of birth. Naturally, and as with all types of motor vehicle insurance, your driving history has a considerable impact upon the size of your premium. Those with a poor record and past history of making claims are likely to face a larger premium than those with a clearer record, as you’d probably expect. Similarly, younger drivers who are considered to present more of a risk when driving than more experienced road users can also expect to face enlarged premiums.

As well as your basic personal information, there’s campervan data which you’ll need to provide in order for a personal quote to be calculated. Practically all insurers, including those who provide campervan hire insurance, will require information on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as details such as engine size, year of manufacture and registration number. These details are particularly important when settling the agreed value cover for your vehicle, because it’s at this point in time that you’ll be notified of a fixed fee that you’ll receive in the event of total loss of your campervan. Please note, however, that this agreed value service does not apply when renting out a classic motorhome for short-term use.

Before you can access a quote for your insurance coverage, you’ll need to give information on how much your campervan is used. You’ll be asked to provide a rough figure of how many miles you cover annually. If you travel less than 1500 miles per year, you may be entitled to special discounts from your overall quote. Those belonging to campervan enthusiasts’ forums and membership clubs may also be eligible for discounted premiums, it’s worth remembering.

The above is only a brief overview of the types of details you can expect to be asked to provide when applying for campervan insurance. To discover more, click ‘Get A Quote’, fill in your details as appropriate, and see the vast array of highly reasonable quotes on offer for yourself.


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