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When hiring out a campervan, you are legally obliged to take out insurance coverage for at least the time you plan to use it for. Even though you aren’t the full-time owner of the camper, it is still your personal responsibility to insure it against accidental damage, theft, loss and other threats. Most campervan rental companies will expect you to find your own insurance for the vehicle you hire out, and more often than not, it is far cheaper to find your own policy anyway. Let’s take a closer look at the types of insurance coverage accessible to you, as well as looking at how you can save money when taking out such cover.

When looking for campervan hire insurance, you need to track down a temporary form of cover. This means you only have to pay to insure the rented motorhome for the time you have it for and not a moment longer. Normal policies require you to pay monthly instalments to protect your camper for a year or more, whereas temporary forms of cover typically consist of one-off payments that insure the vehicle for only the length of time you require it for.

In many cases, it is possible to take out insurance for your hired campervan for as little as one or two weeks. This is ideal if you are going on a campervan holiday for a fortnight or less, as you only have to make one small payment to protect your campervan and all of its contents. Daily premiums are also available for those who wish to rent out a campervan for an even shorter period of time. With this form of cover, you are expected to pay for your insurance cover on a daily basis, with each extra day being paid for as and when it’s needed.

When taking out temporary cover for your hired campervan, you needn’t worry about not being as well protected as you would be with a permanent insurance policy. Just as with long-term insurance deals, you can choose to go fully-comp should you see this as the most appropriate option available to you. Alternatively, you may wish to consider taking out third party or third party fire and theft cover to suit your individual needs as a motorhome owner.

You’ll be pleased to know that, even with such short-term insurance details, special discounts are still available for some customers. If you’re a member of a campervan enthusiasts’ club, for example, you could find yourself saving as much as 15% on your insurance premium. Still, this isn’t a guaranteed price deduction and will vary depending on which policy you select, it should be noted.

As you can see, the best route to go down when renting out a campervan on a short-term basis is to take out temporary insurance coverage. This could save you a bundle in comparison to taking out a longer-term policy, and can easily be adapted in terms of length to suit your precise needs. If, for whatever reason, you’re still in doubt, click ‘Get A Quote’ now to begin reviewing the types of savings you could potentially make.


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