How to keep your campervan insurance premiums down

The cost of campervan insurance will vary from one plan to another, so it is important to spend a little time researching different plans to find the one that is best suited to your requirements and budget. Below are four key points to help you save the most money without compromising on the level of cover.

Tips to keep prices down without compromising on protection

  • Consider a higher level of excess – If you choose to have a higher level of excess in place on your policy you may be able to reduce the cost of your campervan insurance premiums without having to cut the level of protection that you opt for.
  • Pay your premium on an annual basis – Whilst many insurance firms enable you to pay monthly on your insurance cover some do charge interest, which can bump up your premiums. However, if you are able to pay in one go on an annual basis you will enjoy a far better choice of low cost insurance deals without the need to worry about interest.
  • Compare a variety of plans and providers – The key to ensuring that you get great value for money on your insurance and that you can keep your premiums down is to compare a range of different providers and plans, as the costs and plans can vary from one provider to another.
  • Compare cover online to find great deals on cover – This makes it easier to compare the different plans and prices and will also make it easier to compare both the features of the plans and the cost of the cover. Head over to our Get a Quote page to get started.