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It’s important to look after the things you value most in life, and this applies to your camper van as much as anything else. After spending hours on end restoring your camper van to make it match up to your own high standards, the worst thing that could happen is for it to be damaged or stolen when you’ve got no form of cover to provide financial stability when you have a legitimate insurance claim. With this in mind, now really could be as a good a time as ever to insure your beloved camper van so that you can enjoy hitting the road and using your vehicle to its full potential with a reduced threat of costly damages looming over you.

Insuring your campervan is quite similar to insuring an ordinary car, and can be surprisingly straightforward. Before you receive a quote, however, you’ll need to provide some background information on the van you drive (model, age, engine size), and some further details about yourself (driving history, information on your no-claims bonus, age, and so on). These factors will then brought into consideration to allow an insurance premium to be calculated that may cover you and your campervan in the event of any breakages, fire and water damage, loss, theft or any other unexpected circumstances – dependent on how comprehensive your policy is.

This is why when considering an insurance quote, it’s important to look at precisely at what that premium actually covers your campervan for. For instance, if you use your campervan abroad on travelling trips around Europe, are you insured for travel outside of the UK? If not, the insurance company you’re covered by won’t be responsible for any damages or losses that occur overseas, meaning you won’t be able to make a claim in the event of an accident. Thankfully, there are providers who offer flexible cover that applies across the whole of continental Europe and beyond, but you should still double-check this before parting with any cash for your premium – just to be 100% certain.

If you’re intent on saving extra cash with your insurance, it may also be worth investigating discounts for limited mileages. This won’t be applicable to all campervan owners, but for those who use their van infrequently or only get to do so during the holiday season because of other commitments – revealing the potential for sizeable savings. Similarly, if you have a membership with a campervan owners club, you may be entitled to further discounts – depending, of course, on the type of insurance quote you plan to take out.

Whatever quote you end up settling on, you can be sure that, once you’ve taken out campervan insurance UK, your mind will be at rest regarding pre-determined forms of damage to your treasured campervan. There are a broad range of quotes out there to suit all kinds of campervan owners, and this can sometimes make it very confusing to trace down the type of cover that’s right for you. One thing’s for certain, though: the ‘Get a Quote’ button is always a great place to start with your personal details in hand!


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